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    Terms & Conditions:

    • Prices are subject to 5% VAT from 1st January 2018.
    • All confirmed bookings or package are consumable in one month period only regardless if used or not.
    • The confirmed package is considered as the contract based on the chosen package of the client.
    • The confirmed booking and payment made in advance is non-refundable regardless of any reason. Unused Service can be rolled over or use as balance days or hours valid for 30 days only.
    • For cancellation and change of timing – A maximum of 30 days will be given to roll over the unused days/hours from the day of payment.
    • The paid service cannot be passed or used by any other customer eg. Friends or relatives who need the service.
    • Fees are payable weekly or monthly in advance as agreed in writing. Marinelys Team reserves the right not to admit children for whom fees are in arrears. In the event of arrears accumulating, management will discuss this with Parent and if these are not settled within agreed time limits, The Child’s slot will be withdrawn.
    • Fees are payable at all times including the Absent Days due to illness, Family Holiday, Family internal events etc. or for any other reason. In the rare event that Marinelys Babysitting Center JLT has to Days close due to Maintenance, Internal Events, those days will be roll over as un-used days. In some conditions that pose a Health and Safety risk or the school has to close such as Heavy rainfall, Storm, Flood or Government announced Days close; fees will not be roll over.
    • The Babysitting Center is not In charge of food for the Child.
    • The Client must provide sufficient information about the Child Example - Allergies, Handover, and Routine to the Babysitting Center upon drop off of through WhatsApp communication or email.
    • Upon arrival, Marinelys Team will do an overall Appearance, Condition and Temperature etc. and update the parents or inform to collect the Child if needed.
    • Upon sending off the Child, Marinelys Team will hand over everything to the Parents and the Parents should do the overall Inspection, Condition etc. before leaving the Marinelys Premises.
      Note: - Marinelys team will not be responsible for any out of Facility Acquired Conditions or Out of Facility Incidents.
    • Violence, Threatening, Verbal Abuse, and Unsupported Blaming against any Marinelys Team will not be Tolerant and will result in Termination of the Contract or Refusal to accept the Child to avoid any further Issues.
    • Violence will be deemed to include verbal abuse with threats, rude gestures, and innuendoes, or racial and social harassments.
    • Marinelys Team will be sending a random update only such as Activity, Sleep, Feeding important update and heads up to Parents.
    • The Client have read and agreed with all the terms and conditions upon choosing any of the package or service and after filling up the E-Child Registration Form.
    • For any clarification feel free to contact us on our toll free number +97180022292273 or landline number +97144264002 or mobile number +971563740375 (Call or What’s App – 24X7 Client’s Hotline Number.